Najświętsze Serce Jezusa

The holy life of Jesus on earth has shown humanity the most beautiful qualities of His Divine Heart. “He went through the earth doing good” – he bent over every sad, sick, distressed, needy. He did not hesitate to defend the smallest ones, forgave all sinners, loved everyone immeasurably. This love has just led him to the Cross, on which he fully revealed his loving heart to us. He allowed the soldier’s spear to pierce it, freeing him from the abundant streams of blood and water. Here is the most vivid Picture which in the pages of the Gospel describes a witness of the very bloody yet last moments of the earthly life of our Savior.

God has revealed the secrets of His Divine Heart to many chosen souls. For example, today’s Saint. sister Faustyna Kowalska leads us to the Jesus Heart through the prism of His Infinite Mercy. It directs our eyes to two streams: blood and water, which exhort the gossip of lost humanity. How much she wanted none of this sacred drop to fall to the ground! She did everything to sprinkle the souls of sinners – washing away the dirt of sin and fertilized them for a better growth of grace! We will, however, stop at Paray-le-Monial, where God wanted to entrust his secrets to a very prayerful young bride – St. Małgorzata Maria Alacoque. He chose her to reveal His Heart so loving people and thirsty for love through revelation.

Thanks to the sensitivity of the soul and a deep look at the Savior – Małgorzata turned out to be the most appropriate person to whom God hastened with his Message of Love. It allowed her to see His Heart and share in His joys and great sufferings. Małgorzata was the sister of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Visitation and worked there with incredible care for sanctifying her own soul, through a very zealous monastic life. We know the content of the apparitions well, which she described in detail in her diary. The Lord Jesus asked Margaret to contribute to the establishment of a liturgical celebration in honor of His Heart, in order to atonement for the human frigidity and insults inflicted on him in the Sacrament of Love. Despite numerous difficulties, resistance and opposition from many sides, she did not hesitate to endure God’s desires despite the fact that it would seem humanly possible, that he would never be able to instill love for this service, the more so because it seemed impossible beyond the enclosure. In the meantime Jesus himself directed this work and took care of it very much. That is why he led them to the end, saying to Małgorzata:“My Divine Heart burns with such strong love for people that it can no longer keep those flames in my bosom, it wants to spill them through you and wants to enrich people with your treasures.” This devotion is the last effort of love and will be the only salvation for people in these last times. ” 

“I prayed before the Blessed Sacrament”, recalls Saint. Margaret Mary and “Jesus appeared to me brightening with glory, with the stigmas of five wounds, shining like the sun.” His rays blared from his holy figure and flames from his breast as if from a burning flame. that was the source of these rays. Then Jesus said:“This is the heart that loved people so much and instead receives contempt and forgetfulness, at least try to make amends to me, if it’s in your power, for their ingratitude.” Margaret felt the deep sorrow and sadness of Jesus saying these words. She tried with heroic zeal to fulfill what the Lord asked for in the further part of the revelation: “I demand a separate holiday to celebrate my Heart and pay me through Holy Communion for the insults I suffer in. In return I promise that my heart will pour out generously favors for all those who in this way will honor my heart or contribute to its extension. “

Małgorzata understood that this Divine Heart is open to all people and is the sense of our existence. In His open heart is the mercy and forgiveness that people so badly need. The Lord Jesus Himself invites: Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest “ (Mt 11:28 ), encourages you to live by your heart, despite the most sincere intentions, no human talent will ever give back the beauty of this Heart in any picture God paints his own image in human souls: “Stand in front of our Lord’s face like a clean canvas waiting for a painter”– said the superior to Margaret, and God explained to her that it is her soul that is the canvas on which he himself intends to paint the image of his suffering life, this life which completely passed in love and austerity, in loneliness, silence and sacrifice, until for emaciation.
Just as Jesus once wanted to recreate his Image in the soul of Małgorzata – today he is looking again for devout hearts ready to sacrifice everything for him.

God’s icon

“Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Mt 11:28). Come to Jesus – it probably was not difficult. Everyone was talking about Him. The news of him gave the lips of those he healed, and those he fed, and those who dreamed the words of Jesus’ truth. It was enough to go, sit somewhere at the feet of Master of Nazareth and listen and look – just be with him. And today? Today is a little harder … I come, Lord, every day before your image in my exhaustion. I sit and look, and I am. I look at your picture … In my ears I hear the words read again in the Bible, reminded by students trying to surprise the priest in catechesis. God, in lightning and thunder, spoke in Sinai: “You shall have no other gods beside me.

– And the priest, what picture is he praying for?
– Sacred Heart of Jesus.
– And God said, “You will not make a picture …”
– By the time … – I answer. – Because when time was fulfilled, God painted his painting himself. “Philip, have you not met me yet? He who has seen me has seen the Father also” (Jn 14: 9). Jesus Christ – He is the image of the invisible God. Image – the icon of God, not human, but God’s made.

I gaze at you, Lord, and read … I read your face full of some mysterious beauty, with peace and gentleness inscribed in its features. No one was afraid to come before your face. The eyes are so important in the icon, so I also look into your eyes, Lord. Eyes in which there was so much a flash of understanding, eyes in which so many found forgiveness of sins.

Eyes in which Peter saw the mercy and forgiveness in which Judas found a quiet request: Do not do this, Friend. I want to gaze into Your eyes, Lord, and see in them the reflection of heaven, the shadow of the house in which there are many dwellings of the Father, who runs forward and says: Son, you have returned. What else do I read from the icon? God painted the feet that are always on the way. “Behold, I go, Father, to do Your will.” “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news.” God painted his hands, dividing bread, touching the sick, casting out evil spirits. The hands that raised, resurrected, wrote an application on earth for grace for the sinner, blessed, wiped away dust from human legs and the human heart. God painted his hands, on which nails wrote a declaration of love: I loved You, Man. ”

At the end, God painted the Heart on the icon of Christ. A heart that loved people so much. The heart is open for love. A heart that moves hands that do well and feet take the road. The heart that shapes facial features lets you speak to your lips. A heart open to everyone. “Come to me all …” So many people who came to look at the “whom they pierced” found shelter, comfort and relief. In the heart of God, the love of God is also a place for you. Come, sit down, look, listen and follow.

And then…
Then find the trace of this icon in the face of another human being. In each of us, God’s image is hidden. Sometimes covered with a layer of daily poverty, sometimes so distorted by scratches that sin overwrites. But still present and impossible to clash. The longer you look at the original – the easier it will be to find familiar features, reveal hidden beauty.
And then…
Then you will hear the call that the Lord addressed to Sister Faustina: paint the picture. And look no longer painters, artists. You be an artist who will give God his unique talent and heart. There, in the heart, paint your arms and legs, face and eyes, and finally paint the heart that so much loves people. Want to become an icon of God – and he will help, because those whom he “met for centuries, these also destined to become, like the image of his Son” – the most faithful Icon of God.

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